In the Caribbean call: (473) 439 - 4444
In UK & Europe call: (020) 8581 - 2320


Condor Airlines Caribbean flights

flight summary for 2015/16

Sunday Manchester-Barbados-Manchester
Monday Frankfurt-Tobago-Barbados-Frankfurt
Monday Frankfurt-Puerto Plata-Antigua-Frankfurt
Tuesday Manchester-Antigua-Barbados-Manchester
Wednesday Frankfurt-Holguin-Montego Bay
Thursday Manchester-St Lucia-Bardados-Manchester
Thursday Frankfurt-Grenada-Barbados-Frankfurt
Thursday Munich-Holguin-Montego Bay-Munich
Friday Frankfurt-Montego Bay-Frankfurt
Saturday Frankfurt-San Juan-Frankfurt

SUNDAY  Manchester-Barbados-Manchester

MONDAY Frankfurt-Tobago-Barbados-Frankfurt            
MONDAY Frankfurt-Puerto Plata-Antigua-Frankfurt

TUESDAY Manchester-Antigua-Barbados-Manchester 

WEDNESDAY Frankfurt-Holguin-Montego Bay

THURSDAY Manchester-St Lucia-Barbados-Manchester

THURSDAY Frankfurt-Grenada-Barbados-Frankfurt

THURSDAY Munich-Holguin-Montego Bay-Munich

FRIDAY Frankfurt-Montego Bay-Frankfurt

SATURDAY Frankfurt-San Juan-Frankfurt


Please call or email us for any requests you may have.


Contact us from the UK
CaribJet Reservations
UK: 020 8581 2320
Contact us from the Caribbean
Maurice Bishop Highway, True Blue
St George's, Grenada

Caribbean: 1 (473) 439 4444

Our Partners

From the Caribbean we have special fares to Beijing and Shanghai on Air China, China Eastern and Lufthansa via Frankfurt plus non-stop from London Heathrow.